Restaurant Manager

Being a Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the back and front of house. Restaurant Managers hire, on-board, train and oversee staff, manage vendors, ordering, inventory and budgets.

Core Responsibilities

  • Managing day-to-day restaurant operations
  • Hiring, training and supervising managers and staff
  • Responsible for scheduling of staff and reservations for VIP customers
  • In charge of decisions regarding the menu, budgeting, POS and inventory
  • Overseeing maintenance and upkeep of the dining areas, kitchen, and exterior grounds of the restaurant
  • Providing high quality customer service ensuring a pleasant customer experience
  • Marketing/branding/promoting, equipment/technology upgrades and process improvement/efficiencies

Skillset Required

  • Experience working in restaurant operation and/or hospitality service
  • Ability to set tables, serve, bus, expedite, and bartend
  • Knowledge of reservation and POS systems

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.