Our hands on process is designed to best understand
candidates’ professional goals and clients’ specific

The proof is in the process

step 1

All candidate registrations and applications are carefully reviewed by our team. Due to the high volume of interest, recruiters will directly reach out to applicants whose experience is a match for an active search. All other applications are kept on file and considered as new opportunities become available.

step 2

We invite all contacted candidates to our offices for an informal interview to discuss and identify specific career goals. This enables us to most accurately represent each candidate throughout their job search. By understanding each individual’s past experience and desired career trajectory, we save time for both our candidates and clients by only connecting those who match on all levels.

step 3

Candidates that are both qualified and interested in the details of the position are presented to clients for consideration.

Clients then review the submitted candidates to assess factors such as past experience, qualifications, education and more. Based on the description of the job and each candidate’s prior experience, a group of individuals is selected for interview.

step 4

While the interview process may vary from client to client and between job titles, selected candidates are generally moved through a multi-round interview process. This may include but is not limited to, a first round meeting with a gatekeeper or assistant, followed by a direct meeting with the principal. Finally, many candidates will be asked to perform a paid work trial within the client’s home or office.

step 5

Our team conducts all reference checks by personally speaking with previous employers to verify work history and quality of work. Any candidate who is presented with an offer for employment, whether temporary or permanent, is required to submit themselves for a comprehensive background check.

step 6

Hire Society negotiates a mutually agreed upon compensation package, and with permission, presents it to the candidate on the client’s behalf. Once accepted the candidate becomes a direct employee of the client’s home or office. Hire Society remains an active resource for both parties, ensuring the long-term success of the placement.

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.