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We build teams that last

Professionalism and discretion are foundational principles you can come to expect when working with our team. Hire Society does not advertise for clients as we believe the best people come from the best people. We consider referrals to be the most sincere confirmation of a job well done, and take pride in obtaining our clients on a 100% word-of-mouth basis. Our goal with each and every client is to facilitate long lasting, quality hires, and that is why your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Our dedicated teams are designed to assist you based on type of search and location. Each department is specialized to best understand the specified role for which they recruit.


Maintaining open conversation from the start is important to our team and process. Hire Society works to make each step as clear as possible and communicates expectations succinctly from day one.


We pride ourselves in providing high attention to detail. While each hiring process varies from client to client, we make the time to work with you in the best way possible.


There is a fine line between finding a qualified candidate and the right candidate. Beyond skill requirements and qualifications, our team assesses the intangibles, considering chemistry match and potential for long term fit.


Reach out to the Hire Society team today to discuss how we can help fulfill the hiring needs of your home or office.

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Placement Success

We work with your timeline
Our team has placed candidates in as little as 4 hours and also committed a year to finding a client their perfect match. No matter your preferred timeline, we are dedicated to finding your best fit.
Our team creates lasting connections
Over 93% of our placements celebrate the first anniversary of their hire date, with the vast majority of candidates remaining employed by our clients for multiple years.
Your satisfaction is our guarantee
If for any reason your hire is not the perfect fit we are happy to keep searching. Hire Society offers a replacement guarantee from date of hire until the 90th day of employment.


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Our Process


step 1 REVIEW

All candidate registrations and applications are carefully reviewed by our team. Due to the high volume of interest, recruiters will directly reach out to applicants whose experience is a match for an active search. All other applications are kept on file and considered as new opportunities become available

step 2 MEET

We invite all contacted candidates to our offices for an informal interview to discuss and identify specific career goals. This enables us to most accurately represent each candidate throughout their job search.

step 3 SUBMIT

Candidates that are both qualified and interested in the details of the position are presented to clients for consideration.

step 4 Schedule

While the interview process may vary from client to client and between job titles, selected candidates are generally moved through a multi-round interview process. This may include but is not limited to, a first round meeting with a gatekeeper or assistant, followed by a direct meeting with the principal. Finally, many candidates will be asked to perform a paid work trial within the client's home or office.

step 5 Verify

Our team conducts all reference checks by personally speaking with previous employers to verify work history and quality of work. Any candidate who is presented with an offer for employment, whether temporary or permanent, is required to submit themselves for a comprehensive background check.

step 6 Hire

Hire Society negotiates a mutually agreed upon compensation package, and with permission, presents it to the candidate on the client's behalf. Once accepted the candidate becomes a direct employee of the client's home or office. Hire Society remains an active resource for both parties, ensuring the long-term success of the placement.

How we help our clients

We do the legwork so you can focus on establishing the right team. While hiring can often prove to be a daunting process, our recruiters pride themselves in facilitating a seamless transition from potential candidate to permanent employee. From the initial discussion of your staffing needs, to the final pieces of employment documentation, Hire Society provides hands on assistance and guidance to each and every client. Beyond staffing, we also offer tailored services to educate and refine your existing home or office staff. Let us help you propel your team to the next level.


Frequently Asked Questions


We encourage all new clients to register through our online portal so we can most efficiently match you with an appropriate recruitment team. Once we have an understanding of the basics of your staffing needs, a Hire Society team member will reach out to schedule an introductory meeting. By discussing the details and facets of the open position, we are best able begin the process of finding your next hire.


Our team understands that there are often nuanced aspects of particular roles which may take longer to identify as we move through the hiring process. Should a suitable candidate not be found through our agency, we are happy to pause on the search until the time you should need our services again. Any credit on file will be held in perpetuity and can be applied to a future placement.


All candidates are directly vetted and verified by our team of dedicated recruiters. References are checked by personally speaking with previous employers to confirm work history and quality of work. Any candidate who is presented with an offer for employment, whether temporary or permanent, is required to submit themselves for a comprehensive background check. This check is run through a professional third-party screening service and includes at a minimum: SSN trace, Federal & County level Criminal Record search, Sex Offender database search, and DMV report.


While it is our hope that no issues arise throughout the process of your search, we are happy to directly address any questions or concerns you may have. We are available at your convenience to resolve any problems you might experience and hope to swiftly and amicably come to a resolution. Our team appreciates all feedback and works to better serve our clients on a daily basis.

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.