A company is defined as much by the way they value
people as by the quality of their work

Inside our company culture

As a firm, Hire Society values not only the service we provide, but also emphasizes the connection to the people we work with. Our team believes that every person we encounter, both face-to-face and virtually, deserves the same level of attention and respect as the next. By focusing on individual needs and goals, we are able to best serve our clients, candidates and employees on a personal level.

Across all departments and offices, Hire Society’s internal company ethos is centered around community. Every team member is encouraged to actively participate in the growth and development of the firm as a whole. All employee thoughts and ideas are valued and considered as we believe strongly that each member’s unique perspective plays a direct role in the success of Hire Society.

“We stress a dolphins not sharks environment, a collaborative effort to bring our clients, candidates, and partners the best possible service.”

David N. Youdovin, Founder & Chairman
  • HONESTY: Open communication is common practice at Hire Society. By creating a safe environment for all parties to engage in honest conversation, we believe the level of trust and understanding we build is a great asset to our team and yours.
  • INTEGRITY: We do what we say and we say what we do. The Hire Society team is here to best serve you with transparency and the highest level of respect.
  • HOSPITALITY: As hospitality is our business, we offer that to our employees as well as our guests. Service with a smile is our best practice and we hope it creates an inviting and welcoming experience every time.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Creating a consistent professional space to work is important to Hire Society. We value the differences between corporate and domestic work environments but approach all varied situations with the same standard of service.
  • INCLUSION: Our goal is to continually improve the experience and opportunity for every person that works with and for Hire Society. We strive to create an environment that fosters each individual’s potential and growth in a way that affords the highest probability of success.
  • RESPECT: Hire Society values people above all else. Our goal is for every team member to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Showing respect and consideration to every employee regardless of title or job description has allowed Hire Society to foster a cohesive team environment that values each individual’s thoughts. Our firm holds company-wide daily, weekly and quarterly meetings to discuss team and individual ideas and develop plans to implement these intentions in the future.
  • UNDERSTANDING: We recognize as a team that life is lived outside the workplace. While we strive as a whole for continuity, and expect dedication from all of our employees, we also understand that our team is comprised of more than just staff members, but individual people. Hire Society offers generous time off and flexible working environments to best suit the needs of each respective employee and their families. Personal health and wellness remain at the forefront of the firm’s concern and we hope that all employees take the opportunity to care for themselves as needed when needed.
  • GROWTH: All senior members of Hire Society’s team have grown and developed over time from within the company. We believe that training with intent allows each employee to envision a career trajectory that includes Hire Society for years to come. This adds not only to their skills and experience, but also the value of the firm. We encourage and often facilitate continued education through professional development courses and certifications, presenting opportunity to team members who wish to contribute to Hire Society in a larger capacity. Our hope is that with continued learning, we can build and grow our team to be the best we can be.
  • DONATIONS: Giving is in our DNA. Hire Society gladly contributes to individual and team designated charities throughout the year in order to support those in need. We focus both on world-wide foundations and those in our immediate communities. Our hope is to use our resources in a way that positively impact those who may otherwise not have been given a chance.
  • SPONSORED EVENTS: What is important to our team is important to us. As a tight knit community, Hire Society loves to support the efforts and interests of it’s own. We encourage our team members to form office based groups for in-person charity events that they support. For approved events, Hire Society will often match the donations of employee participants.

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.