Connecting like-minded service industry professionals
with clients and candidates in need of their expertise

Our preferred vendor network adds value for those who are looking for a wide array of high-end niche services.


Hire Society’s distinct offerings best serve our clients in all staffing, recruiting, and consulting needs. We gladly refer work outside our scope of expertise to high-level, discreet professionals in the industry. Our belief is that the best people come from the best people, and that is why we only refer top level service providers to our clients and candidates. Should you be interested in partnering with our team, we invite you to reach out today and speak to a Hire Society staff member about becoming a dedicated service partner.

HomeWork Solutions

HomeWork Solutions is a full service household payroll and nanny tax compliance service

Phone: 877-757-8278

GTM Payroll Services

GTM is an easy-to-use payroll and tax solution for household employers and employees

Phone: 800-929-9213

Alliance Home Care

Alliance Home Care provides in-home licensed medical staffing for those who wish to remain in residence while receiving top quality medical care

Phone: 877-687-7380

TopHat Home Service

Top Hat is expert in all areas of building management, maintenance and repair, as well as renovation and construction supervision, keeping NYC residences in pristine condition

Phone: 212-706-0300

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.