Executive Personal Assistant

Being an Executive Personal Assistant

Executive Personal Assistants combine the responsibilities of in office business support with the understanding of the Principal’s personal affairs. An Executive Personal Assistant may work either from a corporate office or a home / family office dependent on the needs of the executive. Daily tasks include extensive calendar management, travel coordination, finance oversight, and ad hoc projects related to both business and personal needs.

Core Responsibilities

  • Calendar planning, scheduling, travel coordination, and meeting logistics
  • Managing all communication between the office, residence, and other administrators, etc.
  • Coordinating various private functions and events
  • Answering calls and responding to emails from clients, colleagues, vendors, contractors, and staff members on various issues
  • Working in tandem with in office and domestic team members
  • Office record management, maintaining meticulous filing systems

Skillset Required

  • Ability to exercise quick and accurate judgment and work well in high-stress, high-stakes environment
  • Effective and proactive problem-solver; able to analyze situations thoroughly in order to anticipate problems before they arise
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent organization skills
  • Intuitive with prioritization of tasks and required efficiency
  • Adept in working in fast-paced, ever-changing environments where the utmost discretion and confidentiality are required
  • Computer and technologically savvy

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