Education Specialist

Being a Private Teacher / Tutor

Private Teachers and Tutors are responsible for the education of the children within a single residence, or a small group of children from multiple residences, of similar ages. This daily tasks of a teacher / tutor vary dependent on the needs of the family and may encompass creating and implementing educational plans and curriculum.

Core Responsibilities

  • Forming and/or executing age and developmentally appropriate curriculums
  • Assisting with all schoolwork, homework, projects, and extracurricular work
  • Creating fun, safe, educational and inspiring environments for the home, as well as nurturing and trusting relationships for the children

Skillset Required

  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Experience teaching all different subjects, test preparation, study techniques
  • Willing to travel alongside the family domestically


Governesses supervise the children’s education and wellbeing in a private household. This role oftentimes oversees work that has already been assigned and guides children through educational questions accordingly. A Governess also manages the childcare responsibilities within the home when not focusing on the educational aspect of the role.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assisting children with homework and school projects
  • Tutoring children in all subjects requested
  • Encouraging critical thinking, efficiency, and ensuring development of organizational skills
  • Procuring supplies needed in the classroom; notebooks, writing utensils, etc.
  • Some nanny and traditional childcare responsibilities

Skillset Required

  • Experience working in education and childcare
  • Flexibility to travel as requested
  • Ability to play musical instruments or fluency in multiple languages a plus

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