Being a Valet / Lady’s Maid

Valets and Lady’s Maid formally tend to the personal needs, wardrobe, and belongings of the Gentleman and Lady of the House respectively. Both roles comprise the same responsibilities while being sensitive to the personal effects of each principal.

Core Responsibilities

  • Scheduling appointments, travel arrangements, and social obligations for the Lady or Gentleman of the Estate
  • Maintaining clothing care and organization, managing laundry, packing & unpacking
  • Personal shopping, managing itineraries and providing feedback regarding attire
  • Sending and accepting valuable packages and personal items
  • Light housekeeping of changing room and personal bathroom

Skillset Required

  • Familiarity with varied calendar systems
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Knowledge of fine fabrics

Being a Seamstress

Seamstresses are dedicated to the oversight and maintenance of fine clothing through expert care. This role generally encompasses all garment repairs and alterations and may also include the laundering of couture and fine garments not managed by a laundress or housekeeper

Core responsibilities

  • Providing expert daily care for all in-residence laundry and family wardrobes including hand-washing, dry cleaning, tailoring, etc.
  • Detailed ironing, steaming and pressing fine fabrics
  • Resolving laundry-based issues such as stain adn spot removal, fabric mending, alterations and repair

Skillset Required

  • Comfortable handling fine garments inclusive of delicate fabrics and couture pieces
  • Able and willing to work with additional garment care staff
  • Exceptional organization skills and management of wardrobe, jewelry and accessory inventories

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