Family Office

Being a Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants operate from a variety of different environments and encompass a wide range of roles. Whether working from a private residence or within a family office, Personal Assistants manage the daily scheduling, errand running, and ad hoc projects for and on behalf of a principal directly. Personal assistants may work independently or as part of a larger team. They may also report to a higher level domestic manager such as a House Manager or Chief of Staff, while some Personal assistants report directly to the principal.

Core Responsibilities

  • Assisting with calendar planning, scheduling, travel coordination, and meeting logistics
  • Coordinating various private functions and events
  • Answering calls and responding to emails from vendors, contractors, staff members, and coworkers on various issues
  • Working in tandem with various other domestic staff
  • Preparing and tracking expenses, inventories, gifting, schedules, etc.

Skillset Required

  • Impeccable attention to detail, meticulous in coordination and scheduling
  • Ability to exercise quick and accurate judgement on behalf of principal
  • Technologically savvy, able to manage and troubleshoot various communication and organizational platforms

Being a Chief of Staff / Chief Operating Officer

Family offices are generally run by a managerial level team leader often called the Chief of Staff or Chief Operating Officer. This role manages all personal aspects of the principal’s daily life and delegates tasks to additional domestic and family office team members. The Chief of Staff / Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the organization of all residences and the teams that directly manage them.

Core Responsibilities

  • Managing the Family Office; acting as direct gatekeeper for the Principals
  • Hiring, terminating and training domestic staff
  • Coordinating all vendors, contractors, staff members, and business connections on behalf of the Principals
  • Implementing estate-wide systems including but not limited to, operating manuals, punch lists, household supply lists, etc.

Skillset Required

  • Highly meticulous, ability to manage big picture and small details simultaneously Ability to exercise quick and accurate judgment and work well in high-stress, high-stakes environment
  • Effective and proactive problem-solver; able to analyze situations thoroughly in order to anticipate problems before they arise
  • Ability to manage executive / administrative and domestic teams, superb delegating skills required
  • Strong bookkeeping / accounting skills with the ability to formulate and adhere to budgets;

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