Chauffeur / Executive Protection

Being a Chauffeur / Executive Protection

Chauffeurs / Executive Protection provide safety and transportation for the principals as well as their family and guests. This role often manages the daily driving of a principal’s vehicle between their private residence, business, personal appointments, and to other locations of departure such as airports and seaports. The Chauffeur / Executive Protection must be able to safely and efficiently transport the principals and requested passengers to and from desired locations when and as needed.

Core responsibilities

  • Conducting maintenance, cleanliness, and readiness of all vehicles on the estate
  • Loading and unloading luggage, delivering personal items, and overseeing the transportation of valuables
  • Providing seamless, swift, and safe navigation to changing destinations; conducting prior research on traffic patterns, detours, etc and finding alternate routes if necessary
  • Ensuring the most efficient route is being taken at all times, especially when multiple stops are being made
  • Assessing safety threats in advance of arrival to destinations
  • Using the utmost discretion, professionalism, and vigilance.

Skillset Required

  • Professional and calm demeanor even in time-sensitive transportation situations
  • Ability to navigate cities quickly and efficiently
  • Light car maintenance and ability to upkeep all necessary safety and insurance regulated measures for principal’s vehicles

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.