Being a Yacht Captain

Yacht Captains are very specific roles intended to manage and sail large vessels, generally motor yachts, between seaport destinations. Captains are experienced in all aspects of sailing and chartering boats specific to size and are often responsible for managing a yacht crew to help maintain the inner and outer areas of the boat.

Core Responsibilities

  • Managing all navigation and sailing, delegating as needed to First Mate
  • Responsibility of large and small craft vessels
  • Oversee the safety of all guests on board

Skillset Required

  • Extensive knowledge of all operations related to sailing various vessels, direct experience with larger vessels
  • Ability to manage multiple team members in high-stress situations
  • Seamless navigation of various types of water and waterways, ensuring all guests enjoy seamless experience on and offshore

Being a First Mate

First Mates are the right-hand to a yacht’s Captain. This role must be experienced in all areas of operation for both large vessels and small crafts. The First Mate generally manages maintenance and upkeep of all supplemental watercraft such as jet skis, dingeys, kayaks, paddleboards, tubes, etc. The first mate must also be vigilant in maintaining guest safety at all times, assisting with onboard service, and navigating local waterways with ease.

Core Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of large and small craft vessels
  • Assisting with navigation and sailing, working in tandem with Yacht’s Captain
  • Oversee the safety of all guests on board

Skillset Required

  • Knowledge of all operations related to sailing various vessels
  • Ability to escort guests during off-boat excursions and water sports
  • Team-centric mindset, willing and able to work long periods of time with crew and guests while at sea

Being a Steward

Yacht Stewards are responsible for all service onboard during a guest’s stay. Stewards generally manage all internal amenities inclusive of meal service, housekeeping, and entertaining. This role often works as part of a team to attend to the needs of all guests while onboard.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensuring all rooms are guest-ready at all times
  • General upkeep of all common areas including outdoor decks
  • Daily meal service
  • Running errands onshore as needed, acting as a concierge to guests

Skillset Required

  • No task too big or too small mentality
  • Polished, poised, and presentable at all times
  • Quick thinker and ability to solve problems creatively, especially while at sea
  • Adept in all areas of housekeeping and serving

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