Hospitality Specialist

Being a Hospitality Specialist

Hospitality Specialists are responsible for overseeing and managing the service of a Principal’s main office or brand. This role combines the tasks and nature of a personal assistant role with the formality and service of a butler.

Core Responsibilities

  • Overseeing all elements of hospitality, food and beverage service within the office on a daily basis
  • Personal and corporate shopping, running errands, and concierge work
  • Managing all vendor and contractor relationships including calendaring, accounts payable, project management, etc.
  • Liaising new relationships, as well as maintaining previous relationships with residence vendors and contractors
  • Managing event production for social gatherings, philanthropic events, political fundraisers, and additional private events

Skillset Required

  • Exceptional organizational skills and dedication to responsibilities; above and beyond attitude
  • Prior experience working in high-end food or beverage service, knowledge of fine dining
  • Willingness to adapt to an ever-changing and often unstructured environment; ability to manage challenging personalities and high-stress environments

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.