Executive Housekeeper

Being an Executive Housekeeper

Executive Housekeepers serve as the hands-on supervisor of a team of dedicated in-residence housekeeping staff. Occasionally in smaller residence, the Executive Housekeeper assumes both the role of full-charge Housekeeper, as well as Household Manager.

Core Responsibilities

  • Ensuring a guest-ready residence at all times through precise orchestration and delegation of interior responsibilities
  • Hands-on management and oversight of subordinate Housekeeping staff
  • Organization of all closets, pantries and storage areas
  • Procurement of household supplies, groceries, stock levels and inventories
  • Laundry duties and dry cleaning management
  • Overseeing vendors and contractor appointments on behalf of the principal designee thereof

Skillset Required

  • Ability to manage and oversee additional staff members
  • Excellent communication with both principals and staff within the residence
  • Quick-thinking and responsive to all needs of the residence as related to the upkeep of the household

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