domestic couple

Being a Domestic Couple

Domestic Couples are responsible for the overall care and upkeep of the interiors and exteriors of all structures on a property. This includes but is not limited to all amenities and grounds. Domestic couples are generally comprised of one individual who manages the interior cleaning and / or cooking while the other manages exterior upkeep and minor interior repairs. The couple is also generally responsible for co-managing all service and entertaining within residence.

Core Responsibilities

  • Museum-quality deep & maintenance cleaning; polishing fine surfaces
  • Wardrobe management; laundry and ironing services
  • Meal planning and cooking for daily meals and special events
  • Setting formal tables; serving meals and drinks; polishing glassware, silver and china
  • Running errands, procuring supplies, and managing inventories

Skillset Required

  • Seamlessly working as a team and willingness to handle overlapping responsibilities; previous experience working together in a professional capacity
  • Execution of housekeeping, cooking, laundry, grounds maintenance, and general household repair
  • Chauffeuring principals, children, and guests to requested destinations
  • Overseeing construction projects, vendors, and additional staff

Hospitality, professionalism, and integrity are the pillars of Hire Society’s business model.