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Job Title: Live-In Nanny / Family Manager
Posted By: Jessica Levine
Reference ID: N-131
Live In/Out: Live-In
Industry: Domestic
Job Type: Full Time
Location: TriBeCa, NY US
Salary Offered: $70,000-$100,000 per year
Potential For Bonus: Yes
Benefits: Benefits stipend offered; 2 weeks paid vacation
Experience Req: 5-10+

24/7 Live-In Nanny / Family Manager, Monday @ 1pm – Saturday @ 8am with Travel

Discerning and fast-paced single mother seeks an authoritative, heavily experienced, mature and exceptionally capable Nanny / Family Manager to live-in and provide full-time care and management for her three children, ages 4, 5.5 and 7, as well as to their primary Tribeca-based residence.

The position consists of a 5-day Live-In Schedule, Mondays from 1pm through Saturdays at 8am - where a private room and bath will be provided in-residence.

As Mrs. is newly divorced, her school-aged children are still acclimating to the family-style change. As such, they are testing limits with their behavior and acting slightly out of character. The ideal candidate must have experience dealing with these types of behaviors and understand the tools and skills necessary to ease the children’s discomfort, while acclimating them to the new family structure, and ensuring their emotional and psychological needs are both validated and taken care of.

Duties for this position will include full charge weekday care and nurturing of the children from wake-up to school time, and from post-school to bed time, including personal grooming, getting dressed, assisting the Housekeeper with meals (the Housekeeper cooks,) helping with homework, supervising the children as they walk and/or take UBERs to their extra curricular after-school activities, etc. While the children are all in-school from 9am-4pm daily, the position will transition into a Family Manager role, where the candidate will assist in overseeing the home, running errands and clothes shopping for the children, tidying and organizing, procuring toiletries, medical supplies, etc., and supervising the additional in-residence staff (a full-time live-in Housekeeper, and weekend babysitters.)

The children are each high-energy and extremely active. The family’s middle child – a 5.5 year-old girl – has type-1 diabetes; as such, additional care and nurturing will be required for this daughter. She is dependent upon an insulin monitor, requires glucose monitoring, and requires medical equipment to be with her at all times. The ideal candidate will assist fully with this daughter: helping change out equipment every 2-4 days, helping measure insulin and blood-sugar levels, ensuring she always has appropriate food on-hand should her blood sugar levels rise or fall, assisting with blood finger-prick checks, measuring food and counting carbs to ensure her diet is balanced and on-point, and providing support through her gluten-intolerance. While no diabetes experience is required, it is a tremendous plus, as handling this type of condition requires a 1-2 month learning curve. Mrs., as well as the weekend babysitters – each experienced from their personal lives – will be available to teach the techniques needed until the candidate is comfortable handling on her own.

During overnight/off hours at the residence, there may be times when the candidate is required to provide care; should a child wet the bed, have a bad dream, the daughter’s insulin alarm goes off, etc. The ideal candidate will be expected to assist with these issues to ensure the children are safe, cared for, and put back to bed with their needs attended to.

Travel will be required of this position as the family goes out-of-residence for all school vacations, holidays, long weekends and summers. The ideal candidate will travel with the family to provide seamless care, most often rooming with one or more of the children in a private room and bath. Trips may range from Miami, to Europe, to the Bahamas and elsewhere abroad. During times of travel, the same 24/7 mentality will be required of the candidate, and all associated expenses (lodging, food, transportation and activities) will be covered fully by the Mrs.

No cooking is required of this position, and no driving will be required in the city.

The family will likely be acquiring a service dog, specifically to assist with the needs of the 5.5 year-old, so light care and assistance will be appreciated.

The ideal candidate must be bright, engaging, firm, yet loving, who can provide full-time guidance, support, mentorship, maturity and regiment to this youthful family of four.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Providing care, guidance, mentorship and structure for the family’s three school-aged children, ages 4 (girl,) 5.5 (girl,) and 7 (boy) on a full-time, live-in, 24/7 basis (Monday afternoon @ 1pm through Saturday morning @ 8am)
• Helping with personal grooming, pre and post school routines, homework, and supervision to extra curricular and after-school activities
• Calendar and activity coordination for the children including school registration, play dates, sports, activities, etc.
• Scheduling Dr. appointments, ensuring school supplies are stocked and available, purchasing equipment for their hobbies, etc.
• Supervising the children as they prepare for school, as well as on their way to activities; ensuring they arrive to the right activity at the right time with the appropriate materials necessary (the children take Uber cars in the city for their transit)
• Clothes and personal shopping for the family including uniforms, wardrobes, books, toys, and additional household items
• Providing care and attention specifically to the family’s 5.5 year-old daughter with type-1 diabetes, including monitoring and replacing her medical equipment, monitoring her glucose levels, managing and stocking medical supplies, initiating daily blood-level checks, measuring food (counting carbs, etc.) and ensuring she avoids gluten
• Providing overnight care as needed throughout the week when the children experience after-hours issues (bad dreams, bed wetting, insulin issues, etc.)
• Traveling with the family to provide seamless service both across the US as well as abroad during school vacations, summers, long weekends and holidays
• Supervising the additional in-staff residence; providing guidance, and setting the positive tone within the residence
• Overseeing vendors and contractors as needed for repairs, in-residence work, etc.
• Providing care for the family’s soon-to-arrive service dog, as well as helping with the transition for the 5.5 year old
• Additional Nanny and Family Manager related duties as needed and upon request

• Strong command of English language and superior communication skills, both written and verbal
• Excellent references required from both current and previous employers
• Minimum 5 – 10 + years related experience working as a Nanny and/or Family Manager for high level home
• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited 4-Year College or University a STRONG plus
• Experienced working with children with Type 1 Diabetes a STRONG plus; willing and able to learn the needs and requirements of the young 5.5 year old girl including insulin and sugar monitoring, food requirements, gluten intolerance, etc.)
• Adept in working in fast-paced, ever-changing environments where the utmost discretion and confidentiality are required; MUST be service, oriented with a ‘no task too big or too small’ mentality
• Ability to remain calm and composed during demanding periods – “thick skinned” personality with a real sense of urgency
• Computer savvy with proficiency in both Mac and PC systems, iPhone devices, etc.; comfortable learning new household and medical technology (specifically as related to medical equipment for one of Mrs.’ young daughters)
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team; must maintain an a supportive and empowering mentality
• Willing and able to lead children with a warm, loving yet ‘iron fist’ mentality; able to maintain a loving, nurturing and maternal relationship whilst maintaining boundaries
• Comfortable traveling with the family during all school-related breaks (spring vacation, Christmas break, the entirety of the summer, long weekends, etc.) to provide seamless, 24/7 service (private room and bath will be shared with one or more children)
• Comfortable working a 5 day Live-In workweek (Monday @ 1pm – Saturday @ 8am) to ensure the family’s needs are continually being met
• Comfortable living-in with the family via a private room and bathroom
• Valid Drivers License; willing and able to drive children as needed outside of NYC
• Pet friendly; MUST be comfortable working in a home with dogs; the family is soon to adopt a Diabetic, hypoallergenic service dog
• Valid US Passport; wiling and able to travel both domestic and abroad up to 20%
• Legally able to work in the US for any employer
Keywords: Nanny Family Manager
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