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Job Title: Live-In Nanny
Posted By: Jessica Levine
Reference ID: N-142
Live In/Out: Live-In
Industry: Domestic
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Coral Gables, FL US
Salary Offered: $65,000 per year
Potential For Bonus: Yes
Benefits: Full benefits package effective after 90 days of employment; 2 weeks paid vacation; 401K
Experience Req: 5+

Private and youthful Coral Gables-based family seeks a Live-In, 24/7 Nanny to provide shared childcare, mentorship and nurturing for their 16-month-old boy on a rotating schedule. The position will primarily consist of a 4-days-on / 4-days-off schedule, shared between the two full-time Nannies for the family. During the 4 days worked, the Nanny will live in the residence in a completely private room and bath, ensuring the child has care throughout the entirety of the day – from wake-up until bedtime - as well as coverage in the nighttime should a situation arise. For the following 4 days when the Nanny is not working, the family’s second 24/7 Nanny will take-over and the candidate will be off.

Live-In accommodations are again provided while the Nanny is working in-residence, and consist of a private bedroom, bathroom, and separate closet solely for the Nanny. The second Nanny does share the room when she is working, however, no time in-residence will ever overlap.

The boy recently began a 5-day school program for 2.5 hours each morning. Typically, the Mrs. spends time with her son in the morning from 7am-9am, and then drops him back off with the Nanny for the day. She then oftentimes resumes care for him in the evening from 7pm-9pm, relieving the Nanny when her full-time working schedule permits.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for enriching the child’s life through engaging, motivating, inspiring activities such as playtime, reading, singing, dancing, outdoor walks, outings, and additional childcare-focused opportunities. The ideal candidate will be responsible for full meal prep for the boy, though there is a Private Chef in residence who will cook for the Nanny and all other staff when she is working. Housekeeping and laundry will also be required for the boy, as well as maintaining a tidy and orderly play space and room on a daily basis.

Approximately 1 week of travel may be required each quarter year to provide seamless care for the child, however, those trips will be divided evenly between both Nannies on an alternating basis, decided amongst themselves.

Some driving may be required, though the parents typically drop and pick the boy up from school each day. If driving is required, a family car will be provided.
The ideal candidate will have a very self-sufficient personality who can take charge, lead with passion, motivation and conviction, and bring ZERO drama into the family. The ideal candidate will have ties to South Florida, allowing her to feel connected on her days off work. She must be a natural teacher who understands developmental milestones in children, and who encourages creative learning through all five senses.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Assisting in the daily care, nurturing, and supervision of the family’s single 16-month-old son
• Tidying up and frequent laundry services for the baby, including ensuring his play area is neat and orderly, as well as his closets maintained and his room in order
• Creating and implementing a stimulating and educational environment for the baby through reading, games, outdoor adventures, walks & outings, crafts, exercises, and toy use; must be willing to play and sing with the baby
• Coordinating daily activities, play dates and appointments; providing or supervising transportation both to and from as needed, as well as in tandem with the mother
• Managing meal preparation and feeding times for the baby; ensuring he has pure and wholesome food crafted and available
• Communicating seamlessly with the family’s second 24/7 Nanny to ensure milestones, feedback and progress is relayed
• Traveling with the family minimally throughout the year (across South Florida) to ensure seamless care is provided on an alternating basis
• Candidate must strive to create a fun, safe, and supportive environment for the home, as well as a nurturing and trusting relationship with the baby
• Additional childcare, educational and developmental tasks as needed and upon request

• Strong command of English language and communication skills, both written and verbal
• Excellent references required from both current and previous employers
• Minimum 5+ years related experience working in a private home in a similar Nanny or childcare capacity
• Early Childhood or teaching background a STRONG plus but not required
• Self sufficient personality with a strong emotional foundation and ties locally to Florida; non-dramatic personality
• Detail oriented with exceptional organizational skills and dedication to responsibilities
• Natural teacher who understands child developmental milestones and benchmarks
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team; must maintain a supportive and empowering mentality between the team of 2 x 24-7 Nannies
• Valid Drivers License; comfortable driving the child in a provided car as needed
• Valid Passport; willing and able to travel with the family for one week quarterly across South Florida in order to provide seamless care
• Valid US work authorization; legally able to work in the US for any employer
Keywords: Nanny
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